December 10th – Stacks


It has all the hallmarks of a busy day ahead.

Make no mistake – making the morning coffee for a few thousand strangers each day is serious business. The one thing I’ve always wondered – how on earth do they remember everyones name?

They do better than that – if they’re any good they’ll remember your order too. There’s a perverse fascination in queueing up for a coffee that has been made to your liking by the time you reach the counter.

Since accepting a job in the city in late 2007, I’ve used the same caffeine vendor almost exclusively. This is despite having 3 different roles in the same neighbourhood, I’ve always come back. It’s like deciding upon a GP, dentist or mechanic – it’s a trust thing.

So when it comes to marketing, I wonder if the take-away coffee cup is the right medium. When I engage with a coffee cup, I’m concerned with what’s inside – nothing else seems to matter.


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