December 9th – Agapanthus-ball

Agapanthus II

There’s little more tempting to a passer-by than a fully formed, perfectly round agapanthus sitting on a fence line. Perhaps the only thing more tempting is the agapanthus bud about to burst open.

As a kid I invented a game with a friend which made our walk home from the train station that much more enjoyable. The location was a laneway during the 15 minute walk. A row of agapanthus buds lined up along a fence, maximum points scored for landing a kick over our heads and into a neighbourhood pool. The near-blooming agapanthus bud is perfectly weighted for such a sport.

It was all fun and games until the owner turned the hose on us.

This photo was more ‘practice’ with the 50mm lens, this time using the full f1.8 aperture to create as much focal depth (or bokeh) in a small patch of agapanthus.

One thing I will say about shooting close-ish at that aperture, is that your focus has to be precise, although this might have something to do with the low cost lens.


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