December 8th – The Crow


This poor fellow cops a harsh rap. But if Sydney-siders want someone to blame for this lengthy wet spell, it may as well be directed it at the crow.

Over time, the Crow has been considered a spiritual animal, associated with witches, the mysterious and the inexplicable. All things considered, the crow is thought to be an intelligent animal.

In modern culture, we grew up singing about 4-and-twenty black birds, Mary Albert retold an Aboriginal tale of How Birds Got Their Colours (including Crow), and Damien: Omen II didn’t do much for public relations.

And while The Black Crows have sold nearly 35 million records globally, it was The King – Graham Kennedy’s influence that brought the infamous black bird to mainstream media on March 5, 1975 with his now infamous Crow Call.

While I’m struggling to find footage anywhere on the internet, I’m sure most of us know exactly what I’m talking about – if you can find a link, please comment below!


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