December 7th – Putt Plok!

Putt plok!

So it’s been wet around here lately. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of a lively bunch of kids racing around the West Ryde Putt Putt golf course.

Chaperoned by parents holding umbrella’s, the kids set a cracking pace through the (partially covered) Fun Run course, followed by the action packed Waterways layout.

But sadly this miniature golf institution’s days are numbered. The scourge of developers looms, as recently the site was sold by the Parramatta City Council for the princely price of $130m.

We’ve been here a few times, but upon hearing the news of its impending demise, my daughter was quick to shelve plans for a(nother) pool party, instead hoping to visit the site again “before it’s closed down”.

This place has been home to countless birthday parties, myself included. Back “in the olden days” they used to put your name on the board facing Victoria Road, and they had a present for the birthday boy (or girl) – normally a model/kit aeroplane.

What’s old certainly is new again.


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