December 5th – Spit Bridge

Spit Bridge

The Spit Bridge which connects Mosman to Seaforth on Sydney’s north shore. It is the major arterial when travelling between the northern beaches and the CBD, and consequently a major traffic snarl pretty much 24×7.

The Spit Bridge is a steel bascule bridge, with a deck that opens to allow marine traffic to pass. It was built in 1958, replacing another bridge in the same location (also an opening deck bridge). This first bridge replaced a punt that operated since the late 1800’s.

The current bridge location was in favour of a bridge further upstream, possibly connecting Seaforth to Castlecrag, connecting a series of roads including the Warringah Expressway, the Wakehurst Parkway, and the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation. These plans were shelved in 1980 under the Wran government.

In true Australian political style, a 5-year plan was tendered in 2006 to widen the bridge to six lanes and include cycleways, though it was considered too costly – whether politically or financially is still unclear.

Further studies concluded that it takes 15 minutes to clear the road congestion once the bridge has opened and closed, so the outcome was ……


…… to open and close the bridge less frequently.

This photo was a bit of a challenge. Having ended my evening in Mosman, I headed down to The Spit. My first instincts were to head to the northern (Seaforth) side, but finding an angle proved to be a challenge, and ideally I wanted to be elevated.

After zig-zagging my way up the hill, I had all but given up hope of finding a good angle to take a photo, short of knocking on the front door of one of the many houses that look down upon this seaway.

I decided to head for home. That was when I got a little lost, eventually winding up at the intersection of Edgecliffe Esplanade and Panorama Parade.

After some kids stopped dancing on one of those big green power boxes, I set up the tripod and started taking 30 second exposures.

I figured climbing on top of a wet green steel box wasn’t the go in thongs, so I did all of my positioning with LiveView on the camera.


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