December 4th – Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike

Another day, another wild electrical storm. I think we’re up to 5 in a row now?

I decided to set up camp in the garden and watched the sky illuminate every few seconds, taking random long exposures of between 8 to 13 seconds. I got lucky here, there wasn’t much fork lightning on display.

There appeared to be several storms, lighting up several layers of cloud.

While the mozzies nibbled away at my legs, I stood under the relative shade of casuarina tree with an umbrella, shielding the camera from either rain or falling leaves and sticks as the change came through.

This shot was taken looking south, but the guts of the storm appeared to move around us to the east.

Special note for those not freaked out by the spider photo’s.

It was a successful start and end to the day. Here are some macro’s of a large St Andrew’s Cross female taken quickly before leaving for work. She was displaying great colours, though could probably do with a shave.

Up close

Up even closer


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