December 3rd – The calm between the storms

The calm between the storms

Nothing significant today, I just haven’t had the time. So I stopped to take a quick photo of the results of the storm that bashed it’s way through Sydney, and I was off again.

I was in a hurry … I saw what the first storm did, and the second was just starting to exchange pleasantries. I channeled my inner Cliff Young and keep my pace going until I was safely home.

It’s fair to say that Brisbane do storms better, but this was a fair effort nonetheless. With around an inch (in the old scale) falling in about half an hour in the CBD, city streets turned into makeshift creeks.

There was warning of the storm’s power though however – Facebook footage of the storm-front from Sydney’s western suburbs was doing the rounds at work, roughly 45 minutes before the heavens opened in the CBD.

I did some quick sums, checked Find My Friends and quickly determined that as suspected, my poor beloved would have picked up the kids smack bang in the middle of the storm.

It’s sneakers to school tomorrow.


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