November 29th – I like my coffee slow

Slow brew coffee

Being a dripper, this contraption caught my eye. Welcome to the world of slow brew Coffee. This contraption can be found at Essential Ingredient in Rozelle, and is primarily used for their Iced Coffee.

Fact is I’m happy to wear the tag of coffee snob. If I’ve come to your place and accepted a cup of tea, chances are I haven’t spied any serious coffee making paraphernalia in your house.

With that in mind, it probably comes as a surprise to the aficionado that my daily heart-starter is a gravity-fed drip coffee.

Above is a relatively small slow-brew coffee maker. Room-temperature water is fed into a device that contains coarsely ground coffee beans, which can take up to 3 hours hours to steep into the final vessel.

Some of these devices can drip for up to 12 hours, so if you’re hanging by a thread, go traditional.

Alternatively there’s Cold Brew. Cold brew does all of the above, but using cold water, or dripping the coffee onto ice cubes which instantly cools the coffee and creates a different flavour and aroma.

The final result is said to be sweeter due to the lower acidity. Without hot water, the the chemical response from the beans creates a different end result.

Certainly something every coffee lover should try.


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