November 28th – Hunters Hill overpass

Hunters Hill

After a night out at the local(ish).

I’m travelling light now. The new 50mm lens is physically smaller and makes the camera considerably lighter. This photo was taken mounted on Vinny the mini tripod.

The 50mm lens gives me a ‘narrower’ overall picture compared to my usual lens, which gives wide angle at 18mm. I’ve effectively reduced the options available to me when cropping the final image in post-processing.

Now to confuse you – I am technically working with around 80mm, as my camera is a “crop sensor”. This sort of info is useful if you are thinking of buying your first DSLR – so start asking questions!

This is a shot I’ve wanted to take for some time, but in my minds-eye I was hoping to see the Victoria Road overpass about 500m up the road. Things are much bigger when you’re not motoring past at 70 km/h.

With a battery on it’s last legs, this image was a 30 second exposure at 50mm, f13.


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