November 26th – Cicada Season is officially open!

Cicada hatching

Firstly I’m claiming these photo’s for the 26th in the same way that it’s still your birthday if you don’t go to bed.

Here is the first cicada I’ve spotted in the garden. Every year we see countless return from subterranea and shed their former self. It’s an extraordinary sight.

According to a Flickr comment, this cicada will become recognisable as a Black Prince when fully coloured.

Every kid who grew up around bushland in Sydney will have a connection with cicadas, with eucalyptus trees black with Black Prince’s. The trick was to drive in aiming for one of them keeping your eyes low, ignoring the liquid defence mechanism from the fleeing creatures.

Here are some other images (click for a larger version). I’ll spare you the orb weaver spider that I nearly head-butted when I stood up.


Note here the wings are flat in a drying position. By the time I set up for the macro, the cicada had changed them to a normal.

Then and now

Last time I met a cicada in the garden I didn’t have a macro lens.


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