November 25th – Deinopidae

Poised for dinner

Ok, it’s another spider, but the Deinopidae has fast become my favourite (completely harmless to humans) spider.

It’s not hard, we’re talking about a field of two.

With a common name of the Net Casting or the Ogre Faced spider, these guys have copped a pretty bad rap over the years by their looks. But it’s their method of catching prey that makes them unique and interesting.

Here this Deinopidae is poised and ready. Interestingly there was another (older?) net just behind this spider, which got me wondering if they set up a number of different traps and then set about using them.

I was tempted to bring in a little meal and wait for the action to unfold, but in the cramped confines of my laundry that thought didn’t last long.

With any luck however there may be a few less spider shots in the coming days. As interesting as they have been to photograph and research, the pest man has been booked.

Time for some “relocation”.


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