November 19th – Shutting up shop

Shutting up shop

It was a slow walk home. I had to find distraction as dusk fell around me a there were secret undertaking taking place in the house. Hmmmm….

This clump of daisies is close to home, and by day contains dozens of bright cheery faces pointing at the sun. After a long hard day of staring however, it’s time to close up for the evening.

The processing and uploading of this photo has taken a twist, blogging on the road from the NSW mid-north Coast.

The workflow hasn’t changed – upload from SD card, touch-up the photo, upload to Flickr and link away. But today the tools are quite different, and an added twist.

Using my iPad and a card reader is the easy part, it’s the processing that’s different. I have previously used iPhoto on iOS to edit to great effect (Fiji holiday), but today I’ve been advised that iPhoto no longer works in iOS, as the built-in Photos app flexes its muscle with some fairly basic image tweaks.

Flickr has also (finally) provided an iPad native app, allowing interaction with your photo library. It looks terrific, but is quite limited in its retouching capabilities, and uploading is a bit of a mystery. My greatest bugbear is the lack of ease in which you add your photos to Groups within Flickr’s communities.

Enter Pixelmator iOS and FlickStackr.

The former is the portable version of the hugely popular MacOS design app. The controls are a little confusing at first, however all the usual controls are there. The major difference is that there are less sliders, so there is more requirement to retouch by touch ….. if you get what I mean.

It also supports Apple’s impressive Handoff process, meaning switching from iOS to the MacOS version of the app is as easy as walking up to your Mac.

FlickStackr is a terrific app and does everything the native Flickr app doesn’t, specifically upload batches of photos. Adding your photo to multiple groups is simple too, and can be applied when uploading – the most important aspect on the social side of Flickr.

At the end of the day, I think I much prefer to post-process in Aperture on MacOS, but I shall persist! I think all of the features are there, it’s just a matter of finding them.


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