November 15th – I went a little macro mad

Ladybeetle (Coccinellidae)

I managed to come good on my efforts to snag a ladybug. Here is what I believe to be an Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis).

The Asian Ladybug is notably different from other types of Coccinellidae due to its colour, and it has a larger, more rounded dome. They are used in many situations to control aphid population, though there are suggestions that infestation can occur during a northern hemisphere winter, as they look for shelter during the cold winter months.

It also goes by the name of the Halloween Ladybeetle due to its colour, and the timing of its indoor migration (late October).

This pretty little thing was discovered by my daughter in the long weedy grass in the reserve near our house. And she wasn’t alone, there appears to be an entire colony under lurking under the weedy canopy.

But more so, the macro went into overdrive today with some extraordinary sightings. Enough from me, here’s a link to some other pics.

Two ladybugs share a leaf.

I have no idea what this is, but suggest it might be a ladybug larvae. There were more of these, with different colour markings.

This garden orb weaver repairs its web following the wind last night. This was an extraordinary scene where the spider was working its way around the web and detangling, then literally throwing the sticks off its web. Here he/she works hard to make ends meet.


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