November 14th – Sydney at play

Beneath the bridge

Not a very ‘clicky’ day today, so I’m pulling this from the (recent) archives.

This shot was taken from the Rivercat as we embarked on the journey home from the city.

There’s little more awe inspiring moments than being near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there’s always something to admire from any angle – or directly underneath it.

It spans one of the worlds largest playgrounds, and today we’re here to play.

Today we’re here for a high octane ride a twin-turbo jet powered boat with Sydney Jetboats . I’m no roller coaster person, and this was nothing like one. It was 40 minutes of thumping music (and “Footloose”), laughter and salty water, the highlight being a massive dumping doughtnut in Farm Cove.

Wet and adrenalised, we reunited with the family for an impromptu visit to several of Sydney’s inner-harbour wharves, before finally heading home for a change.


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