November 10th – Mi casa es su casa..

Mi casa es su casa

Shameless and secretive, this Garden Orb Weaving spider emerges at night to spin up a new web on the basketball apparatus.

Significantly smaller than my previous tenant, the web itself is about the size of a 12″ LP. I came outside to prepare and possibly take a few shots of the building process, but it was all done in about 5 minutes.

I’ve been here before, albeit with a spider about twice the size. The difference this time? I’m packing a macro.

For those who are a little squeamish around spiders, I’ve spared the grisly close-up in the blog. For those who don’t mind a bit of macro action, here’s Grisly in full, hairy, glory.

I’m content with a bunch of photo’s. I’m not that thrilled that it has set up camp near the house. Grisly will face “relocation” in the not too distant future.

Despite their rope-like webs forcing us into impromptu scenes from Flashdance if we’re unlucky enough to stumble through them, the orb spiders pose no risk to humans.


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