October 7th – A place to call home

The next generation

Entering the warmer months, the increase in bug activity means one thing – fatter spiders.

The addition of a basketball hoop in the yard has also provided some of the spiders a new place to call home. Those who have been reading my blog all year may probably remember Incy Wincey, a large orb spider that made its home across my drive way, collecting stray airborne creatures in the breeze.

It appears Wincey, The Next Generation has arrived. A smaller version of our arachnid freeloader has decided that this new apparatus is a great setup for a web, which he/she duly re-creates every night.

Technically I tried something new in this photo, attempting to remove the “halo” created by the bright morning sun on the tiny web filament holding the eggs. Marginal success.


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