November 3rd – Flight of the Hover Fly

Flight of the Hover Fly

Mixed fortunes today.

The photo above was taken using my camera mounted on a $10 Vinnies purchase, a super lightweight Katmandu tripod. It’s not really meant for a DSLR, however without extending the legs it’s solid for macro use.

It’s a timely warning – there’s much more to a tripod than price. If you are in the market, think about what you want to do with it. If you’re going to be more than a step away from your camera in a windy location, don’t go cheap.

Wind can do one of 2 things to your camera and tripod – create ‘camera shake’ which will blur your photo, or more significantly, place your camera on the ground with the help of gravity.

This tripod extended to it’s maximum 1.1m resembles jelly on a plate.

So to todays travels. I spotted a bright red lady beetle in a lavender bush, which would have been a welcome addition to my growing macro library. I pulled the reins on the scooter, disrobed the camera and flicked the switch.

I’ve done it again. “No Card in Camera”.

Still, I had banked this shot of the Hover Fly doing what it does best – hovering.


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