October 31st – Birthday season is OPEN

Birthday Season

With the cooler months behind us, the gardens in the neighbourhood have all sprung to life.

But there’s one spring icon that many of us cherish a little bit more than the rest – the Jacaranda tree in full bright purple glory.

And for the simplest of reasons – it’s a sign for those of us with birthdays in November that our time is drawing nearer. Does that mean we’re products of Valentines Day shenanigans?

While urban foliage landscapes are dotted with purple blotches, The Jacaranda is no more significant anywhere than it is in Grafton in Northern NSW, with the annual Jacaranda Festival drawing to a close this weekend.

It’s a huge event, engaging communities in and around the Grafton area in all sorts of arts and crafts, singing, dancing and physical activities.

Sadly the final event – the McDonalds sponsored Fun Run (2km, 5km and 10km) was cancelled. I’d hate to imagine why.

As bright, colourful and welcoming the Jacaranda tree is, the mood can be tempered with a traditional Sydney southerly-busting thunderstorm, which blankets our courtyards and gardens with slippery purple mush.


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