October 27th – Hover Fly

Hover Fly

I’ve noticed this tiny insect around our (flowering) rocket in the garden. More significantly it’s ability to hover as it cased the scenery for a landing spot. On this occasion my little friend made several touchdowns, making focus simple.

I hadn’t bothered it much, as the markings suggested it was either a bee or a wasp. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Being the entomologist that I am, I took the facts the I knew (something like “black”, “yellow”, “winged” and “insect”) to Google and it revealed the identity of my new mate.

The Hover Fly is possibly one of the best garden mates you can have. It poses no risk to humans or animals, and with a healthy diet for pollen it helps distribute the goodness throughout your garden.

But it gets better. They lay their eggs in an aphid colony, and when the larvae (maggots) hatch, they decimate the population and eat them out of existence.

I’m not finished with the Hover Fly yet, I’m keen to snap an in-flight shot during one of its frequent hover-moments.

This photo was taken on Monday afternoon, during the strong wind that swept through Sydney – yet this fly was able to stay absolutely motionless in flight.


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