October 26th – Buffalo Creek Reserve

Buffalo Creek Reserve

Often during this adventure I’ve taken some photo’s, only to realise later that the subject was embarking on a milestone. Bridges, buildings, and now a playground.

In terms of playgrounds I wouldn’t have thought too much about it. But today I was summoned by my son to read a small, insignificant plaque camped under a tree. We’ve been here countless times and I’ve never noticed it.

Our favourite public playground had turned 10 years old just days earlier.

In 1792 Governor Phillip, the first Governor of the recently colonised NSW, gifted a small parcel of land to two ex-marines, and named it the Field of Mars.

It’s not documented why this area is called the Field of Mars, though it’s likely derived from military origins. Perhaps after the Roman God of War, the Campus Martius in 300AD Rome, or the Champ de Mars in Paris.

As nice as they sound, I bet they didn’t have a flying fox.

In 1979 the small parkland area was set aside as a wildlife preservation area. Later the Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre was setup in the area and is a popular destination for primary and secondary schools from all around.

Nowadays the park boasts some terrific play equipment including climbing, swings, slides and for the thrill seekers a flying fox. There’s a neighbouring soccer and cricket oval, and a lengthy asphalt bike track rings all of the above.

The park is also connected to a walking track, including a boardwalk through a mangrove forest to the banks of the Lane Cove River, which forms part of the historical Great North Walk.

Field of Mars, Buffalo Creek Reserve


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