October 20th – Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

A little experimentation with today’s photo.

I once discussed with a photographer the intent to frame and take a photo and use the end result as it fell out of the camera. Combined with a recent public photo ‘challenge’, I’ve decided to give it a go.

I used my macro lens at it widest aperture (f2.8), with the natural light coming through the kitchen windows, with curtains to soften it. I

I’ve also taken some black and white versions by setting the camera to mono, rather than tweaking in software. I prefer the colour of the smarties rather than their black/white tones.

I would have had a better result on a tripod being able to pick and choose my focus point more accurately, but unfortunately it was en-route back to me having been accidentally left somewhere on the weekend.

My experimentation time was cut short by two hungry offspring.


3 thoughts on “October 20th – Afternoon Tea

    • It took me a while to use a tripod effectively or consistently. I’m probably fortunate my tripod is very lightweight and easy to carry around, and takes seconds to extend.

      It takes seconds to set up, but crucial especially when it comes to macro’s, largely because my Canon 100mm has no Image Stabilisation. Instead of trying to nail 1 in 5 remaining dead-still, you can take 5 accurate, focussed shots with different settings and varied results.

      • I know the advantages of using a tripod. I still hate it, it kills the act of taking a photo for me. I prefer having to shoot more & sometimes not getting any well focused shot to not having any what I feel to be a photographing experience at all. It’s just personal preference.

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