October 17th – A strange afternoon walk

The cause

Today wasn’t your average 3-block stroll through the CBD.

After leaving work I was drawn to the muffled cries of a megaphone. The chants were completely illegible, so I took a leaflet from the small group of cleaners who were heralding their plight.

As interesting as a protest is for a photographer, it felt inappropriate to take photos so I marched on.

I walked past George and his Martin Place flower stall (Pitt St end), and came across protest number two at the steps to the Martin Place train station.

Their plight was the welfare of, well, the answer is pretty clear. After the photo I felt I should ask this young gentleman about their cause – he wasn’t too clear on anything really, just that pigs are treated poorly.

Meanwhile, just metres away in Castlereagh St, a parking officer was waiting beside his next target. In a scene resembling something out of Monty Python, the owners of three cars suddenly appeared, virtually out of the ether, hopped into their cars and drove off.

We shared a laugh – parking cops DO have a sense of humour!


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