October 16th – Green Lacewing

Green Lacewing

Two things spring to mind with this photo – bugs come in all shapes and sizes, and my garage door needs a clean.

I’m pretty happy with this. Not because I took photo’s of a random bug that landed in my vicinity, but because I Google’d random features until I was able to identify this insect.

The Common Green Lacewing itself doesn’t pose any risk, feeding on pollen and aphid honeydew. They have a long caterpillar-like body, 4 wings and these long, segmented antennae.

Their wicked oil-spill coloured eyes also deserve a mention.

However it’s the nymph form that serves a purpose – in your herb garden specifically.

Small and not too dissimilar to the ant lion, they do they whole “inject and liquify organs” thing. but it’s their diet that’s important. They tend to feast on aphids, mites, and even caterpillars. They are ferocious eaters, and can destroy and an entire aphid colony.

Unfortunately attempts to ‘colonise’ the adult Lacewing have proven fruitless.


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