October 12th – The Sunday Spider?

St Andrews Cross male

I’m well aware, I’ve got a bit spider crazy with the macro lens.

When I found this in the garden my main intent was to get up tight with the technique used to create the “X”. Truth is I can’t stand spiders, but the St Andrews Cross have always been different.

However this photo highlighted to me what I now understand about shooting macro.

On my first attempt in May I tried shooting a St Andrews Cross, hand-held, with disastrous effects. It made me scratch my head about macro photography.

Popping out the built-in flash made things even harder – the camera wanted a longer exposure so staying dead-still was even harder (impossible).

Now I can have the tripod set up and settings dialled up in minutes, though I couldn’t get the image right – I still needed a flash.

I don’t have an external flash, so I used the built-in and some Glad Baking Paper – folded twice and held in front of the flash – to diffuse the light. It allowed the brown/white colours of the spider to come out instead of being over-exposed.


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