October 11th – Mud


My kids first fishing adventure has been some time coming, and with the warmer spring weather we decided it would happen this afternoon.

I had already picked the spot – beside the Figtree Bridge in Hunters Hill/Linley Point. It’s easily accessible, and there was little chance we’d catch anything. That would have just been inconvenient.

The Figtree Bridge isn’t just a popular fishing spot, at low tide you can walk along a sandbar from the park all the way to the eastern side of the Figtree Bridge, shortening the distance between man and fish.

And as fortune has it, it was dead-low tide.

After de-tangling an impatient youngsters fishing line, we made our way to the shoreline. And into the knee-deep mud.

I hadn’t quite factored that in, but we trekked on.

As the setting sun caught the little mud pools created by footsteps, it created a really nice effect, though I’m not sure I really captured it here. Time wasn’t on my side – there were lures to send back into the murky depths of the Lane Cove River.

It was a rewarding afternoon casting several lines into the Lane Cove River, albeit for no return.


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