October 8th – Blood Red Moon

Blood Red Moon

Tonight we were treated to a rare light show – a Lunar Eclipse best experienced on the east coast of Australia.

This “Blood Moon” was the 2nd part of a Lunar Tetrad – a series of 4 blood moons approximately 6 months apart. It was good fortune that the best place to view this blood moon was the east coast of Australia.

The third phase of the tetrad is April 4th 2015, the final in the sequence (unlikely to be visible from Australia) will be September 28th 2015.

Tonight I set up the tripod in one of the St Joseph’s College ovals and stared at the clouds. So many clouds, for around an hour until they finally parted for 20 minutes of photographic frenzy.

And yes, it was very soon after posting a link to “Break in the weather” by Jenny Morris on Facebook.

Some technical stuff. The lens used was my 100mm macro, giving me a focal length of 160mm when you consider the ‘crop factor’ of my camera. I preferred this lens over my 18-135mm lens (which would give me a focal length of about 210mm), because of it’s optical quality (and wider aperture setting of f/2.8).

The exposure time was about 3 seconds. A few seconds more and the image was slightly blurred due to the movement of the moon.

There’s a suggestion that one of the brighter spots near the moon (beneath?) may be Uranus.

Either way, it was a humbling event.


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