October 5th (part 2) – The Telescope Busker


This is Graham Duncan, or as he calls himself – The Telescope Busker.

Staring down a tube full of glass in itself may not come across as your ordinary busking talent. That’s because it’s not – it’s what Graham directs his Lunt Hydrogen-Alpha 80mm refractor at.

Graham’s special trick is, for the cost of a gold coin, you get to view what’s happening on the surface of the sun. It’s quite amazing to see the outcome, while his gadgetry tracks the bright ball across the sky.

He will happily explain the why’s and wherefore’s of the sun while you peer down the scope at a big red disc, with streams of sun-stuff looping off the edges. It’s an extraordinary site.

In his spare time Graham, the son (no pun intended) of an astronomer, treks around the countryside looking at the stars, usually in higher-ground.


4 thoughts on “October 5th (part 2) – The Telescope Busker

    • Hi Saskia … I know that he’s on Twitter as @LustSolarScope, but not sure otherwise. Perhaps somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne behind a telescope pointing at the stars!

      I think he does a lot of star gazing in the Snowy Mountains from memory.

      Edit: I see you’ve already tracked him down on Twitter 😉

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