September 30th – Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

These things amaze me. They are ridden aggressively, for long periods of time, jumped on, fallen off, attacked with pens and pencils and dragged around households.

Yet the smile remains.

The origin of the rocking horse back to Persia and Ancient Greece around 400 BC. By the year 1300 rocking horses were made for jousters to practice for events, and later made for kids to re-enact the fortunes of their heroes in tournaments.

By the late 19th Century they were in production across Europe, the UK and America.

However it took until the year 2000 for someone to make a ridiculously large rocking horse. Measuring 7’8″, a Californian couple made a rocking horse than can accommodate 4-5 kids … or 2 or 3 adults clinging onto their childhood.


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