September 29th – Under sage

Mini Cricket 2

Today I decided to give our sage some close attention, as it has a lengthy history of disappearing, one leaf at a time. I was surprised at what I found.

This has to be the smallest grasshopper I’ve seen, and after some quick shots with the macro I thought it was a wrap. Besides, my visitor took exception and went walkabout.

Some time later (63 points later, Swans fans) we went outside for a last muck around, and found my friend busily tucking into one of our sage leaves.

This is the first time I’ve used a macro with the camera mounted on a tripod. It’s not viable in all situations, but setup took moments. Once I’d found the best angle, I was able to fire off a couple of shots, worrying more about settings than shakiness, before my dinner guest once again took exception.

This small visitor has been “relocated”.


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