September 26th – Trolleys


It’s a sunny Sydney Friday lunchtime and the usual human traffic that occupies Pitt St Mall has come to life. That is, up until you notice 5 shopping trolleys engaged in a dance of love, desire and energy.

Trolley’s is a contemporary dance, depicting the affairs of two trolleys who meet and fall in love, while the other three unite in a high energy dance of rejection.

Created and performed by Shaun Parker & Company, Trolley’s was created in 2012 and has toured Europe and Australia to high acclaim.

I’ve seen another Shaun Parker & Company outdoor performance, called Spill. Spill takes place in a children’s playground, using every-day apparatus to portray a story that takes the imagination of both children and adults.

Trolley’s will be moving to Hyde Park next (Archibald Fountain), then Customs House as part of Art & About.


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