September 23rd – Biting Jumping Spider

Biting Jumping Spider (Opisthoncus mordax) Front

Another fun day outside with the kids, another momentary interruption by a weird and wonderful member of the arachnid family.

Today’s visitor was another from the sleek looking jumping spider family – specifically the Biting Jumping Spider (Opisthoncus mordax). This one quite active as it scurried about, with little hops of about 10cm to speed up his journey.

It’s always amusing to look back at the photo’s with their big round eyes. This spider would give me an evil glare every so often, to which my reaction was quick burst of 3-4 photos.

This Biting Jumping Spider is quite distinctive – black all over, except for a single white stripe on its abdomen. It uses its jumping ability to pounce on flies and other small insects.

It poses no threat to humans, despite the name a bite gives no more than a small red spot and minor irritation.


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