September 17th – The safest cafe in Sydney


It’s coffee time, so back to my usual haunt – the Lobby Cafe at 363 George St in the CBD.

The atrium of 363 George is, put simply, a big glass box. It creates a great environment, but most important traps those wonderful coffee aromas.

It’s not uncommon for the atrium to be bathed in sunlight in the late morning, often forcing a shade to be erected over the indoor cafe.

I couldn’t go past the light streaming around one of the structural pillars, casting the room in wonderful natural light, so I pulled out the Canon and fired off a couple of shots.

While collecting my double-macchiatto-with-one, I heard a brief “Excuse me” so I took a step back from the cafe for the next customer.

Interestingly the next “customer” was in fact the head of security for 363 George. He had taken exception to a couple of candid snaps on his watch.

Nick (cafe owner) stepped in and politely explained to the gentleman that I was in fact a cafe patron, and a good one, and not a “person of interest” in these times of heightened national security.


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