September 15th – Little green bug

Green Paropsine Leaf Beetle

I’m pretty excited by this one.

Since owning a macro lens I’ve really enjoyed getting in close, beyond the human eye’s capabilities. However I’ve really wanted to get in tight with a bug so I could see it’s freaky little eyes.

I’ve done it. All several-hundred of them.

This green beetle might be a Tortoise Bug, but more (local) sources seem to indicate that it’s a Green Paropsine Leaf Beetle.

It was minding it’s own business on a flat weedy (hairy!) leaf before I came bounding out and stuck a big black Canon barrel up it’s nose.

A little tweak in Aperture to de-yellow the light from the flash, and voila.

In truth I’ve gone a little macro mad, also snagging some funky mushrooms – this flat orange one possibly called a Chicken Mushroom (or Hen of the Woods), and these tiny brown mushies growing out of the grassy bush floor..


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