September 8th – Agonoscelis rutila

Novatilla virgata (Orange black stink bug)

Ok, so it’s a black and orange stink bug. More accurately a Horehound Bug, named because it’s usually found devouring the horehound weed.

And as you can see in the photo, these two were all about furthering the horehound bug population.

But what an appropriately coloured bug for the fringes of Balmain Tigers homeland.

This lavender bush caught my attention, initially because of the bees, but it didn’t take long to notice it was infested with these critters vandalising the decor. Wherever they had been, the flower had been reduced to a dull grey – and they weren’t about to stop for a voyeur with a macro lens.

They were significantly smaller than last weeks green specimen.

So on the back of two recent findings, I’m calling it stink bug season. And it appears they’re hungry.

So how do you get rid of an infestation? You can plant a trap crop, making them easier to hunt and dispose of. You could lure some spiders or wasps to your garden (attracted to herbs), or even more fun – adopt a predator. Apparently a Praying Mantis’ don’t cost too much.


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