September 6th – Chatswood Station

Chatswood Station

Another selective colour photo. In truth I spent much of the day practising this technique using this photo before moving onto the stink bug. Again it was quite effective in turning a rather dull photo into something more interesting.

But for those who know Chatswood, this picture sums up many of the recent changes. New station, new trains, same mall, and The Orchard Tavern is still standing.

Since moving away from the North Shore I rarely ride Sydney’s rails, so when given an opportunity with a transport-loving 4 year old, we took it.

Anyone who has transited through Chatswood will understand how busy it is most days, so it will come as no surprise that it’s the 6th busiest station for boarding passengers in the CityRail network.

Railway access itself was brought to Chatswood on New Years Day in 1890, and by 1919 had expanded to 3 platforms. In the 1950’s a tram terminus was also built into the transport hub.

By the 1980’s the tram was gone, a bus terminal was incorporated, and a very average shopping centre called The Interchange was built.

The modern facelift is really quite attractive, featuring an underground concourse and plenty of open air on the platform itself.


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