September 3rd – Speed Hump

Speed Hump

Walking home I came to a traffic deviation about a block from my house. An idea popped into my head to watch the light trail of a single vehicle as it negotiated the bump.

It took a moment to dial in the right adjustments, which was great – it wasn’t exactly peak hour, nor particularly warm.

I mucked around with exposure time, intending to have the shutter open for the time it took a car to pass over the speed hump and then disappear around the corner.

The key I found was to start the photo when the car was approaching, in time for the headlights to illuminate the surroundings. This took some trial and error, as the majority cars passed at a relatively “responsible” speed.

The drivers who spotted a strange figure on the footpath with an object on a tripod slowed right down. This proved annoying because it threw my timing completely out!

The final image was a combination of the right exposure time (10 secs), coupled with a vehicle travelling at the “correct” speed for my project.

Coincidence that it a a Volvo 4WD?


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