September 2nd – Guitars

Wall of guitars

Walking inside music stores has always been a little intimidating for me. As a student of the guitar as an adolescent, complete with dreams of being a rockstar, I learned the basics but didn’t kick on.

The interest lingers today. So when charged with the duty of purchasing a ukelele I couldn’t wait to visit my local guitar store, the Gladesville Guitar Factory.

The store itself is an unassuming little shopfront among car detailers and home renovation stores. Stepping inside is like walking into a musical Ali Baba’s Cave.

Guitars, banjo’s, ukelele’s and more line the walls, hang from the ceiling and one special specimen is encased in a glass cabinet on the floor (TBA).

There is some amazing hardware here. Check out the Guitar Factory Gallery page (and follow them on Instagram – search Theguitarfactory).

Suffice to say, the selected ukelele was tuned and demonstrated with such ease the decision was easy.

Back to that ‘intimidation’ – I’ll reserve my performances for the kids.



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