August 26th – Tom’s garden

The forager

Yesterday I took quite a few photo’s during the afternoon adventure, stopping by Tom’s garden complete with rows of brightly coloured flowers. Here’s another from yesterday,

Tom is the neighbourhood green thumb. Most days you will find Tom busy tending his flowerbeds, carefully manicuring the current crop, or preparing the soil for a new project.

Tom’s signature flower are Dahlia’s with their huge, bright petals in a range of colours.

While we wait for Dahlia season, Tom has nurtured a row of brightly coloured flowers. I pursued this bee, who was far too busy gathering pollen to notice the Canon 100mm macro lens over its left shoulder.

Mind you, its view may have been obscured by the large pollen sacs it had gathered on each of its legs. Reaping the rewards of hard work!

The truth is I had a photo for today. It was a shopping trolley laden with 4 casks of Golden Oak’s infamous Fruity Lexia. Nothing good can come from this, and a little Google’ing will certainly back this up.

In an attempt to keep with blog mildly family oriented I have given the Fruity Lexia a miss.


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