August 23rd – Best seats in the house

Best seats in the house

Tonight marks the last home game for my newly adopted AFL footy team, the GWS Giants.

This photo was taken from our seats, 4th row from the fence. The ground is owned by the Royal Agriculture Society but is better known as Spotless Stadium.

My cousin and I entered into a pact before the GWS Giant formal entry into the Australian Football League (AFL) – we’d get memberships for the new club, sit in the bleaches and perhaps even consume a frothy beverage or two.

We’ve cheered them on, sung the song, brought home countless freebies including a few free footy’s from the players after the game, and spent many hours of “kick to kick” on the stadium turf following the main event.

And we’ve seen plenty from these seats – the Giants first home win (against Port Adelaide), their first win against the much more fancied Sydney Swans, Stevie Johnson knocked senseless just metres from us (by a teammate no less), and the conversion of a life-long Carlton fan into one of the Giants faithful.

But it was Collingwood’s night tonight. Despite trailing all game, the Magpies got up with 5 minutes to go and stole the chocolates.

Stole. Such an appropriate term when talking about the Collingwood Football Club.


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