August 22nd – Open bar


When I was a young man coming of age, I was easily influenced. I wouldn’t call it peer pressure, but one of these influences was my taste in beer.

To this day this legacy lives on, but there’s a problem – my taste for Resch’s, generally the “Silver Bullet” (Pilsener) remains unresolved as it has fallen out of favour in most pubs, and Coopers Red no longer comes with the ring-pull lids (although I never could build the bicycle).

Things have changed on the modern beer landscape. There are microbreweries popping up everywhere, and the common bottle shop cool room has so much variety that staying sober is a cinch because it takes so long to choose.

And with Resch’s Pilsener asking the same price as imported (locally produced) beer, there’s no wonder why.

Back to Resch’s, and let’s put this into context. The Queenslanders are proud of their XXXX (though I’m not sure why). The global market has effectively relieved us of Fosters. But it was the silver label of the Resch’s Pilsener that made me feel proud to be a New South Welshman.

So when I saw this tap at a function tonight (albeit the more mainstream Resch’s Real), I had no choice but to reacquaint myself. Repeatedly.


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