August 20th – Birdcages

The birdcages of China Lane

A big city boasts a number of surprises. Here are some of the 120-odd birdcages suspended up to 20m above Angel Place, just a handful of metres from one of Sydney’s main pedestrian arterials, Martin Place.

Angel Place (and connecting Ash Lane) plays host to some fine eating and boutique shops, a pleasant scene reminiscent of Melbourne’s many laneway dining and shopping opportunities.

Titled Forgotten Songs by Michael Hill, the birdcages form another of Sydney’s off-piste laneway art pieces dotted around the city. As you walk beneath the fascinating arrangement set against the skyscrapers, you can hear the odd chirp and tweet above the din of a busy CBD. It’s a refreshing ambience created in the centre of a big city.

Located beneath the cages, stones branded with the name of bird species once commonly found around Sydney. Sadly many of them have moved on as European settlement began to impact the environment.


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