August 18th – Earthworm


This week Macro Monday took me ….. about 4 metres from the front door.

For those not living in Sydney, we’ve had pretty solid rain for the past 36+ hours. Generally that would be annoying for a photo opportunity.

I’ve learned one thing when its wet, it makes it much easier to pack-down boxes earmarked for the recycle bin. The other key learn has been that under flat, wet cardboard, you generally always find a worm.

It’s like a magician’s hat and rabbits. They’re always there. And it only took me one attempt to find this 15cm+ long beast.

I had visions of the movie Dune as I lay on a dry old cardboard box to take the photo, but it seems the worm was also intent on a new home and was bee-lining me (at worms-pace).


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