August 15th – Lunch


Pictured is my weekly subscription to Vermicelli, a noodle shop in King St in the CBD.

Named after the stringy noodle, it’s a key ingredient in many of their offerings. However I’m particularly taken by their noodle soups such as the BBQ pork with wonton, and a host of vegetables buried in the noodles. I’m also partial to the hot/sour tamarind noodle soup.

The crushed and chopped chilli with a twist of lemon caps off this dish, which as you can see in my photo, comes complete with its own table setting.

At the end of the meal it all neatly folds back up for disposal. Break the chopsticks and place them into the empty bowl, along with the spoon, chilli packaging and napkins and dispose of thoughtfully.

And take a minute to enjoy the contentedness (it’s a real word, I checked).


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