August 14th – Anyone for chess?

Hyde Park Chess

Sitting at the northern end of Hyde Park above St James train station lies the Nagoya Gardens, a horticultural link to Sydney’s sister city in Japan. The gardens presence is relatively obscure yet features a large stone lantern, as well as a pine tree, a plum tree and bamboo symbolising life, gracefulness and vitality respectively.

The area is easy to locate however due to the oversized chessboard that fills the courtyard.

On this day there were 2 willing combatants in fast paced combat. The action was just as slick as the sledging, with each offering the other advice as the game unfolded. The speed of the game was dizzying, no sooner had one piece landed on the board than the opposing colour was in transit to its new destination.

A third man looked on muttering encouragement and advice, much to the chagrin of the active players.

I’m not sure if they were wearing their FitBit’s, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they achieved their daily step goal during this game.


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