August 11th – Macro Monday and the unknown bug

Unknown bug (Front)

It’s almost as if the insect kingdom is aware of Macro Monday and comes to the garden for their 15 daily visits of fame.

This weird looking insect, and I’m going with insect because it has 6 legs that I could find, was found on our outdoor bench. If it was trying to hide, standing right in the middle of our courtyard probably wasn’t the best spot. However it managed to survive all day without becoming a local birds lunch.

I’m not sure what it is, and looks entirely different from other angles. From top view you can see (what looks to be) eyes that are removed from the abdomen, and side-view shows that the proboscis is …. extraordinary.

All I know is that it looks like it has wings, so can probably fly. I just hope our courtyard bench is still there in the morning.

For those a little more grounded, I also took a nice flower macro today as well.


2 thoughts on “August 11th – Macro Monday and the unknown bug

    • Thanks for the compliment!

      Thanks also for identifying our small friend. Gruesome sounding and just goes to show how brutal the insect kingdom is!

      It’s the first of its kind I’ve seen around here. I’d wondered where a few of our regular spiders had gone….

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