August 10th – HMAS Karangi

Homebush Shipbreaking Yard - HMAS Karangi

It seems every time I set foot (or wheel) in Sydney Olympic Park, I find something else to point the camera at.

Pictured is the HMAS Karangi, a steam-powered Navy vessel commissioned in 1941. Today it lies in silence, mostly hidden just a handful of metres from one of the walking/cycling paths – you wouldn’t see it if you didn’t know to look.

Homebush Bay’s was Sydney’s industrial dumping ground, including a ship breaking yard which remained in operation until 1996. Several of the vessels brought here for dismantling can still be found on or near the shores of Homebush Bay.

The HMAS Karangi served for 25 years before being retired from service, and finally left abandoned in the mangroves of Homebush Bay.

Elsewhere you can see the remains for the SS Ayrfield (1911), the SS Mortlake Bank, and the SS Heroic, arguably the most impressive history of all of these veteran vessels.

I’ve had a good few days with the camera, with a quite few images due to appear in my Flickr Photostream in the next few days.


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