August 8th – Testing testing…..

Just a test

Another busy day and I’ve got slim pickings. Then I overhear on Social Media that next Tuesday 12th August is a Super Moon (with possible side of meteor shower).

I’ve only had one crack at astrophotography, and even then it was touch and go.

I initially thought a wide aperture and longer exposure was the go, but all I got was a big ball of brightness.

After some trial and error I got things right. The above photo is f14, ISO 800, shutter speed 1/320th of a second (quick).

I didn’t crop too close because the image loses all sharpness. Nothing a few thousand dollars won’t fix.

In hindsight I should have used the other lens with a longer focal length (135mm), but there is an argument that the macro lens quality is better.

So I think I’m all set for this Super Moon thing. Not sure what to expect. Clouds?


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