August 5th – Scarecrow


What better way to protect the Year 1 kids crops growing in the playground, than to have kids from older grades build scarecrows.

What followed is a terrific collection of brightly coloured figures standing in each of the many garden beds located around the school. As I took this photo they were still being delivered, complete with brightly coloured wigs, shirts, ties and scarves.

Despite the odd “blackbird” being spotted in the school grounds, I think their main intent is to ward off those awful White Ibis, or “Garbage bin birds” as we’ve become accustomed to calling them around our place.

Interestingly Wikipedia refers to a scarecrow as a ‘Decoy’ – which is odd, because that’s a term I’ve become accustomed to in online games of Battlefield and Call of Duty (sans rainbow coloured hair).

There may even be a loose bunch floating around the internet sporting the name….


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