August 1st – Something to say?


If you have something to say, go ahead and say it. But don’t forget the most important piece of furniture – your soapbox.

On this particular day, a gentleman had established his space outside the prestigious Louis Vuitton store on George St. He had a captive audience of 3 young men in his immediate presence.

The reference to a “soapbox” dates back to the 19th Century, when empty wooden crates of all shapes and sizes, initially used to ship goods to retail stores, were used as a way to elevate themselves above the pedestrian traffic in an attempt for their own political or personal beliefs.

In 1992 during the UK General Election, Tory John Major took to the streets to deride his counterpart by using an upturned soapbox. Major and his party were swept into power with an outstanding voter response.

Modern day “soapboxing” can be witnessed in several major cities by visiting your local Speakers Corner. In Sydney you can find several orators on the fringe of the Domain, across the road from the Art Gallery of NSW.

On taking this photo the speaker wasn’t concerned (or was entirely oblivious), however one of the 3 men tried to raise the issue, yet his protestations couldn’t be heard up in those lofty heights.

Unsurprisingly a soapbox is a platform for speaking, not listening.


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