July 26th – Drop the puck!

Ice Hockey comes to town

Tonight ice hockey came to town, in the form of Team Canada vs USA.

Does it get any better? Read on.

A bit of a back-story. I’ve been a fan the NHL since the mid-1990’s, since EA Sports released NHL 96 on Megadrive. As a couch grudge-match event nothing shapes up to ice hockey – a ‘ball’ that rarely goes out of play, there’s (sporting) violence, and the ultimate aim is to score goals.

So enter the Douglas Webber Cup. Wait, the what?

As we sat in our Gold Class seats for the puck to be dropped, we agreed that Douglas Webber was probably a pioneering Aussie in the big world of ice hockey (outside of Australia).

With the benefit of hindsight, we couldn’t have got it more wrong. It turns out all you have to do to get a sporting event named after you is, well, create it and promote it.

Well that’s exactly what Craig Douglas and Gareth Webber, of the Douglas Webber Group did.

Regardless, the capacity crowd at Sydney’s Allphones Arena was entertained beyond the final hooter, with the USA taking the game, and the series, in overtime, 5 goals to 4.


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